How to Guide

  • Only files of type .JPG, .PNG and .GIF are supported.
  • Maximum size for each image upload is 10MB.

To save your optimized image click download this image. Alternatively right click an image to save or drag the optimized image onto your desktop.

webresizer remembers the basic settings and automatically applies them to the next image you upload. To clear your custom settings click 'start over'.

Reducing the file size of your images makes web pages load faster. It also speeds up opening emails with images attached.

To make your photos faster ...

  • reduce the file size of your image by setting a low value for Image Quality. A low value for Image Quality will give a smaller file size, but the image can start to break up.
    OR ...
  • select Compare Image Sizes to quickly see the size that works best for your image (results will appear at the bottom of the page)

NOTE: increasing Image Quality will make your picture clearer but your file size bigger.

Increase the sharpness of your image. Images taken directly from a digital camera usually look a little bit soft and need a small amount of sharpening. A setting of 30-50 is a good starting point.

TIP: some images may not need sharpening. Try decreasing the sharpening to 0.

Resize your image by changing the image dimensions (height and width). Pick which dimension to change and the other is automatically determined for you.

Use the crop tool to make your image the exact height and width required. Cropping is also one of the best ways to preserve copyright of an image - you will be the only one with the complete picture.

TIP: arrow keys on the keyboard can be used to nudge the crop selection box.

Rotate your image to make it the right way up.

Most images taken with a digital camera look flat and need an increase in contrast. A low setting (1 or 2) is good for most images.

A setting of less than zero will make your image darker, greater than zero will lighten your image.

Determines how strong the colours are. A setting of less than zero reduces the colour in your image: at -100 your image will be black and white. A setting of greater than zero will make the colours stronger.

Once you select a border style, it will be automatically applied to every image you upload, allowing you to easily apply the same style to your photos. To remove all borders from an image click 'no borders' or 'start over'.

If your image has already been optimized, then the default setting of Image Quality = 80 may be too high and may actually increase the file size. Simply lower the value of Image Quality and click 'apply changes'.

TIP: select Compare Image Sizes to see the size that works best for your image.

Check the Monochrome box and click 'apply changes'.

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